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JD Analytics

JD Analytics

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Get a unified view of campaign performance across different ad servers in a single, integrated reporting platform. Acting as a single source of truth, JD Analytics platform enables users to measure, collate and integrate live as well as end-of-campaign reports across different ad servers, exchanges and DSPs without any manual intervention. JD Analytics works with all major ad serving platforms and enables you to integrate and analyse campaign metrics from multiple sources. This intuitive and feature-rich platform helps you derive actionable insights by allowing you to slice and dice campaign metrics by advertiser, product, website, ad server, etc. as well as to benchmark campaign performance against high-performing advertisers within your network.

Tick your actionable analytics wishlist with JD Analytics

  • Unified campaign measurement across different ad servers.
  • Integrated view of campaign performance in near real-time.
  • Slice and dice campaign metrics by advertiser, product, website, ad server, etc.
  • Eliminate the manual effort involved in creating end-of-campaign reports by combining metrics across multiple platforms.
  • View custom metrics of rich media ad units in addition to standard metrics such as clicks, impressions and CTR
  • Data-science based insights into campaign performance and benchmarking.

Tailor-made features for unified campaign analytics

Campaign Reporting

JD Analytics collates campaign data from a variety of ad serving platforms such as Google Ad Manager, Facebook, etc. and presents the integrated data through a rich visual interface. Users can view both the end-of-campaign metrics as well as live campaign metrics in near real-time.

Slice & Dice Campaign Reports

Gain deeper insights by slicing and dicing the integrated campaign data by different metrics such as ad product, advertiser, ad server, etc.

Smart Connectors

JD Analytics has connectors that facilitate integration with different ad serving platforms such as Google Ad Manager, Facebook, Simpl.fi, etc. This significantly eliminates the redundant manual effort involved in collating campaign metrics across multiple ad serving platforms.


JD Analytics’ data models enables benchmarking key campaign metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), view-ability and spend by advertisers and industry categories within your network.

View Rich Media Metrics

Apart from the standard metrics provided by the Ad Servers such as Clicks and Impressions, JD Analytics enables you to view custom metrics of rich media Ad Units such as viewability, dwell rate, interacted impressions, play/pause/rewind rates, audience segments, location, device and conversion rate in a single unified interface.

Creative Preview

JD Analytics increases the productivity of its users by letting them preview the creatives within line items from different ad servers directly from JD Analytics, eliminating the need to manually log into disparate systems.

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