JD Traffic and analytics for largest publisher of regional newspapers in the UK

Largest publisher of regional and local newspapers in the United Kingdom automates their Ad operations using JD Traffic & JD Analytics


The client is one of the largest publishers of regional and local newspapers in the United Kingdom. It has 205 brands across the UK, publishing online and in print (165 newspaper brands and 40 magazine brands) and reaches 30 million users a month online and 6 million readers a week in print.


The client was looking for a solution to handle their digital ad operations business.

Migrating from OAS ad server to GAM across all sites on their network, the customer was transitioning to GAM across 184 websites on their network with the intent to scale campaign volumes. This required high levels of manpower and operational efficiency. They wanted all of the direct sold campaigns to be optimized to meet their delivery goal in full. They also needed a tool to view and measure the metrics from various ad servers in a single UI.


JDX solution was to combine technology and people to deliver a solution that not only guaranteed efficiency, but also delivered an automation and removed the need for double key entry. Since integration already existed between the client’s third-party order management system and JDX, we were able to extend the integration to JD Traffic. This enabled data to come straight through to JD Traffic. As JDX handled the creative build, campaign management, optimization with the integration with various ad servers through JD Traffic, the metrics for the campaigns served from various ad servers were available. JDX extended the integration to retrieve the data from various ad servers via API requests and integrated with JD Analytics, ensuring that we were offering a complete digital marketing performance analytics in real-time through a single dashboard.


  • The JD Traffic automated solution enabled the client to seamlessly scale their digital ad operations by 4 times over the 2 years without exponentially increasing costs.
  • 2adpro routinely delivers 7,000 + campaigns with over 11,000-line items per month, of which over 70% are automated using JD Traffic.
  • JD Traffic also enabled a check inventory process for reps, helps manage optimization of campaigns and delivers metrics for each campaign that can go back to the advertiser.
  • Daily reverse sync of GAM data to JD Traffic ensures both systems are sanity checked on a daily basis.
  • JD Traffic now works for audience extension across Facebook and Display & Video 360 for the client as well.