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In the continually shifting media landscape, controlling the entire lifecycle of your myriad digital asset is essential to boost operational efficiency. JD Vault, our dynamic digital asset management software helps organizations streamline their media supply chain and provide brand consistency across channels. JD Vault offers publishers and other businesses a single source of truth to design, pilot, manage, deliver, and repurpose digital assets to fuel their brand experience. With an extensive experience in the creative industry, we are able to connect all the dots seamlessly from creation to distribution empowering you to scale faster, tap into more opportunities, accelerate productivity and offer a much better return on your digital assets. Curated by a creative tech team, JD Vault provides an intuitive, integrated platform for quick and easy access to your digital assets.

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  • Centralize your digital assets.
  • Enjoy device agnostic secure
    24/7 access.
  • Streamline and automate workflows for enhanced creativity.
  • Eliminate content silos.
  • Management of entire asset lifecycle from creation to consumption.
  • Improve time to market with streamlined assets.
  • Advanced search system allows you to locate digital assets quickly.
  • Auto image tagging allows you to store your assets without manual errors.

Tailor-made features for seamless access

Maintain a single source of truth

Built from the ground up for superior performance, JD Vault provides one central storage location for storing brand, marketing and other digital assets minimizing the risk of using incorrect assets.

Global scalability

Go global with a unified management and delivery infrastructure that helps you keep a track of your assets from anywhere.

Advanced Metadata Management

Simplify how you organize and store assets by configuring metadata attributes and their values according to your needs. Using custom metadata, tags and keywords, you can accurately categorize your assets making it easier to systematically find them when needed.

Advanced Tag, Search & Filter

Instantly find assets using JD vault’s powerful search functionality. With full flexibility to combine keywords like file name, title, code, tags with filters, you can construct very precise search queries and narrow down your search for quick and accurate results.

Control Access

Users are assigned roles that have defined permissions. You can control who has what level of access by adding and removing permissions from the roles as necessary. These permissions control how users interact with the assets in the system, keeping your assets secure.

Asset Organization and Previews

Preview and organize your assets to spot gaps, track and record all modifications made to the asset. JD vault automatically generates thumbnails into the gallery-styled interface for a larger view of the asset and attached metadata.

Asset Sharing

Seamlessly collaborate with team mates anywhere and securely share links to the multiple assets by email.

Bulk Actions

JD vault offers a bulk edit function allowing you edit metadata properties of multiple assets simultaneously. You can also download, share and delete assets in bulk.

Seamless integrations with leading platforms

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