Creative Production

Creative Production

A seamless scalable creative
workflow — where tools and
teams come together for better
creativity and productivity

About Creative
Production Platform.

JDX is a cloud-based, enterprise grade, creative lifecycle management suite comprising products that help to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of creative production, for media, brands and enterprises. With real-world extensive experience in the creative field, JDX suite is perfectly positioned to deliver multi-faceted cross device creative production workflow. Accelerate time to market without any compromise on the creativity with JDX Suite. Our creative workflow solution is a culmination of years of hard work and not an off-the-shelf strategy. Featuring digital asset management, ad serving automation, rich media ads and media verification, our unique data-driven approach to creative workflow puts sustainable ROI at the heart of every campaign. Offering boutique quality at scale, our creative production platform is the perfect answer to all your creative production woes.

Automate production workflow & foster collaboration

Integrate with Upstream Applications

Integrate with upstream systems like Salesforce,
DPS and FTP, automatically create orders and start workflows in JD Flow.

Manage, control and track your projects at a glance for instant
visibility and predictability through a self-serve interface

Get your projects in shape, save time and minimize back-and-forth with our collaborative review and proof process. Share creatives for proofing, annotation and comments.

Store, tag, organize and distribute your digital assets in a central location with
JD Vault with metadata for easy access.

Grow, shift and evolve with JDX suite

Enjoy end-to-end technology for creative lifecycle management from producing & storing creatives to serving & measuring ad campaign performance.

Unify production, closed-loop reviewing as well as analytics into one workflow.

Avoid inefficient multiple vendor system and move to a single point of contact for all your creative production needs.

Get actionable insights to help increase process efficiency.

No more blind spots with single secure source for storing, accessing & distributing creative assets.

Integrate to a range of creative and marketing stacks from Adobe Creative Cloud to Salesforce.

Amplified productivity and streamlined collaboration.

Save time with automated ad trafficking and centralized campaign measurement and reporting.

Leverage data sciences and artificial intelligence for optimisation and automation.

Proof is in the pudding


Increases the productivity
of the creative production
team by 20-30%


Reduces the turnaround
time by 40-50% while increasing
the quality of deliverables


Reduces the cost of
production by 20-30%

We’re Proud of
Our Accomplishments

Won 2018 Digiday Technology
award for Best CMS & Web Content
Management Platform

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